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OSB Wander Market - Artisan Craft Fair


Great time by all at OSB's 2nd Wander Market celebration - what an extravaganza as customers and vendors had a blast, and enjoyed wonderful craft gifts, great food and acoustical music.  The crowd was jazzed to shop for locally crafted products.    


From specialty popcorn, to jewelry, to children's clothing - Wander Market had it all.  Thanks for stopping by at OSB!  If you weren't able to drop by, there are two more schedule this year in October (17th) and December (19th).

Craft Vendors 2019-02.jpg

Craft Fair vendors pose before the big sale event.  Wander Market highlights talented Artisans who craft excellent products for local shoppers.  It's a great way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, along with an award winning cool craft beer.  See you next time at OSB!

Craft Fair customers enjoy local arts and crafts, while grabbing a tasty craft beer from Oaklyn Springs.  A great time for all, this local, intimate affair brings the  right mix of fun, community, conversation and shopping.  Held quarterly at OSB, its a "don't miss!"

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