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Open  in 3 Locations for Great Craft Beer 

Any Victory is Back - Get a 4-Pack Now
Artful Craft Beer
Live Music
Regular Events
Flavorful Food
Jam Central back today with bluegrass, c

Have our friendly staff pour you a crisp cool craft beer, born from a history of attention to the best in taste.  Stop in to see why we only serve beer we love to drink.

In addition to a simple, casual venue, OSB arranges occasional live entertainment where talented local musicians share their craft for your enjoyment.

From Wander Market craft fairs, to yoga and beer tasting, OSB plans fun, creative events. Even plan a party in the back room.  Check the  calendar for information.

Local food merchants serve OSB and we schedule award winning food trucks that pair with tasty craft beer.  Enjoy a flavorful experience with the best in food. 

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